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Something new in your home ?

Sept-october 2011  

Already back .... 
New colleagues, new teachers for the kids and new ideas to redecorate your home....

It's the right time to look at our original collection of antique household linen, personalized and tied in today's colors. 

Re-appreciate the beautiful fabrics of the past (linen, damask of cotton....) and make an interior which reflects you: cosy, chic and full of charm. 

         Un dîner orange et noir ....     Une large palette de couleurs d'automne      ... et de couleurs sourdes et douces     ... Et préparer un dîner de fête féérique !

To be quickly discovered on our website or throughout our next private sellings in Tokyo, Rennes, Courbevoie, Paris, Bruxelles ..... And you too, why don't you host a sale at your place and transfer this e.mail to your friends who don't know yet the collection Château de Vaux?

And if your cupboards are already full of your grandmothers' linen, do not hesitate
to give us this family one to be revisited with your colors !

Isabelle Jeanson

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