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Back to school and work!

Sept-Oct 2015  

... but full of energy and lots of memories of summertime!

Memories of holidays spent at Vaux for example.
Our guest house has indeed been busy all summer for couples or families from France, UK and even Denmark!

All have enjoyed nice weather, discovered beautiful parts of the region (castles, pretty villages, zoos, flea markets ...) but also played sports (tennis, golf, tree-climbing, kayaking, horse riding ... ) .
A few have even learned to ride a bike without training wheels or observed rabbits while others read for hours in the orchard or cooked ....
To be short, everyone took time to enjoy time!

Les petits déjeuners gourmands de Vaux ne s'oublient pas .... Moments de détente ... ... Balade à vélo dans la campagne Cours de cuisine pour les p'tits gourmets !

So you too, just get the opportunity to spend more pleasant time with family and friends! Feel free to arrange a weekend or holiday at Vaux now!

To know more about rates and availability,

In the coming weeks, find also out about our calendar of upcoming private sales with household linen such as tablecloths and napkins, bedsheets and pillowcases or towels, in varied colors , with or without monogramms .

See you soon !

Isabelle Jeanson

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