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Why don't you ask us to dye your own household linen?


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At Vaux, 

.... you won't feel like outside home....  

> All to relax
      - A fireplace,
      - DVDs, 
      - books and plays to enjoy your stay.


> All to get in shape
On the spot, 
      - bicycles
      - woodlands where to walk; 
In the vicinity 
      - a golf of 9 holes, 
      - excursions with horses, a course hung in the trees, kayak of the Sarthe, jump wrubber band….

> All the domestic equipment
Because you come only a few days, you want of a certain comfort!
     -  here is all the electric household appliances necessary. And if by chance, it missed something, ask for it!
     -  bed sheets, bath, hand and tea towels but also hygiene and cleaning products provided.
> All for kids
Do not hesitate to ask us (without any extra fee) a bed for baby, a park, a high chair or a 4 wheels stroller: at Vaux, babies and kids are welcomed too!

At Vaux
enjoy a different holiday cottage

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