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Why don't you ask us to dye your own household linen?


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At Vaux, be confident as you're buying your household linen!  

> 100% satisfied

     -  A sense of personality
Our household linen is unique. Scouted out for you, it is dyed especially in today's most fashionable colors, then starched and ironed.
     - A sense of quality
Woven with beautiful fabric (cotton damask, linen…), each part also has a woven label.

> 100% secured

     - An easy way to pay
Choice of paiement : credir card, bank check or transfer.
Personal bank information secured with Crédit Agricole

     - An easy way to choose
7 days to exchange.
Allowed to be reimbursed.

     - Choice of delivery
Two ways to be delivered : by express (Chonopost or other companies like DHL or Fedex depending of locations) or regular french mail.

     - Track and trace of your order and its delivery available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

     - A Customer Service monday to friday, from 10am to 7pm.

> 100% personnalized
     - Free gift wrap
Each part is carefully wrapped in colored tissue paper and presented in a gift bag.

     - Our care secrets (stain removal, cleaning, drying) included.

     - A Customer Club with an award program for frequent customers, special offers, information in advance...

At Vaux
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Secured paiment by credit card 

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