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Clause 1 : Identification of the salesman
Société "Les Jeanson Frères"
SARL with capital of 7 500 euros
Adress : Château de Vaux, F - 72130 Gesnes le Gandelin, France
RCS : Mamers 498 195 155
E-mail :




Clause 2 : Applicable law - Litigations
The orders are subjected to the French law. Contractual information is presented in French or English language and the products presented at the sale are in conformity with the French regulation. If necessary, it rests to the foreign customer to check near the local authorities the use potential of the product which he plans to order; the responsibility for the company "Les Jeanson Frères" could not be committed in the event of non-observance of the regulation of a foreign country where the product is delivered. In the event of litigation, the French courts are only qualified.

Clause 3 : Products
The characteristics of the products offered with the sale are presented on cards. The photographs do not enter the contractual field. The responsibility for the company "Les Jeanson Frères" cannot be committed if errors were introduced there. All the texts and images presented on the site of the company "Les Jeanson Frères" are reserved, for the whole world, under the royalties and of intellectual property; their reproduction, even partial is strictly prohibited.

Clause 4 : Period of validity of the offers of sale
The products are offered with the sale until end of stock. In the event of ordering of a product become inalienable, the customer will be informed of this unavailability, as soon as possible, by e-mail, telephone or by mail.

Clause 5 : Prices
The cards describing products (household and reservation of the holiday home) indicate the prices in euros all taxes included, except costs of delivery. The amount of the VAT is specified on the invoice and the possible costs of delivery appear on the screen at the end of the selection of the various products by the customer. The company "Les Jeanson Frères" reserves the right to modify its prices constantly but the ordered products are invoicees at the present price during the recording of the order.

Clause 6 : Order
The customer validates his order when it activates the bond “To order” then “To validate” in bottom of the page” My basket "; it then accepts the process of order and the present conditions of sale. The company "Les Jeanson Frères" confirms the order by e-mail; this confirmation takes again in particular all the elements of the order.
The data recorded by the company "Les Jeanson Frères" constitute the proof of nature, the contents and the date of the order. This one is filed by the company "Les Jeanson Frères"; the customer can reach this filing by contacting the Customer Service.

Clause 7 : Paiment
For household linen:
On order, the payment is carried out by credit card or by bank transfer. It can also be carried out by check. In the case of a payment by check, this last will be accompanied by the pro forma invoice. This invoice appears on the screen of the customer when it confirmed his order. he customer has just to print it and join it to its check, then to dispatch the whole at the company "Les Jeanson Frères" - Château de Vaux - F 72130 Gesnes le Gandelin (France).

Fot the holiday cottage:
An installment of 30% is requested the moment of the effective reservation, i.e. the reception of the leasing agreement by the customer. In case of booking the house less than 15 days before check-in, global amount of stay will be asked by owner.

Clause 8 : Delivery
The delivery of the products available is, for the Metropolitan France, of approximately 10 days as from the reception of the payment by the company "Les jeanson Frères". The risk of the conveyor is supported by the purchaser who, in the event of damage of delivery or lack, will have to specify his reserves in the three days of the delivery, by mail with proff of delivery addressed to the conveyor.

Clause 9 : Customer Service
For any information, question or complaint, the customer can address Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm with the Customer Service of the company "Les Jeanson Frères"
Adress : Château de Vaux, F - 72130 Gesnes le Gandelin, France
Tel: 06 85 83 89 16

Clause 10 : Satisfied or reemboursed / Cancellation policy
For household linen : 
The customer has seven days as from the delivery to turn over the product, the expenses of return being to his load. It is then refunded price of the product in the month of reception of this one by the company "Les Jeanson Frères". However, the turned over incomplete, damaged products or dirtied are not taken back.

For the holiday home :
The customer can cancel his order at any moment. 
    > before ckeck-in:
The installment of 30% remains acquired with the owner. This one will be able to require the balance of the amount of the stay, if cancellation is less than 30 days before the scheduled date of entry in the places, except if the lodging can be relet for the same period and at the same price. In this case, 100 € will be required by the owner for expenses of file and ads. If house has been booked less than 15 days before check-in, global amount of stay will be kept by owner.
   > In case of a no-show of the tenant the day of arrival mentioned on this contract:
After 24h, this contract becomes null and the owner can then have the places. The installment of 30% remains acquired with the owner who will ask for the pay of the total hiring then. If house has been booked less than 15 days before check-in, global amount of stay will be billed by owner.
    > In case of shortened stay:
The total amount of the hiring remains sure with the owner. No refunding of whole or part could take place.

If cancellation is due to the landlord:
Twice the amount of the installment will be paid to the tenant.

Clause 11 : Protection of personal information
The personal data provided by the customer are not diffused to other companies; they, except opposition express of the customer, are integrated in the file customers of the company "Les Jeanson Frères". In accordance with French law 78-17 of  January 6, 1978 “Data-processing and Freedoms”, the customer constantly has a right of access of correction and suppression of his personal data relating to it near the Company.
To exert this right, it is enough to contact the Customer Service of the Company or to send a mail to:
SARL Les Jeanson Frères - Château de Vaux - F 72130 Gesnes Gandelin (France).

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